Press these Points in Your Hand to Relieve You from Pain

Since the ancient times, acupressure has long been a widely used practice for healing and giving pain relief. This technique uses the fingers to apply pressure on various healing points. According to the supporters of this practice, acupressure can stimulate the natural ability of the body to cure itself. Additionally, this method can release tension, boost the immunity system, and improve blood circulation.

How Acupressure is Done

First, you need to determine the part of the body that radiates pain. Then, you will have to press on the point that represents where you feel pain. Do this for five seconds and then release for three seconds. Press once again for five seconds and release for yet another three seconds. Repeat the press and release process for a few minutes. If you have chronic pain, you can massage the specific point with your thumb every day for one week. This will help you feel much better and could get rid of your pain.

Examples of Pressure Points

You will need a hand reflexology chart to know which access point to press depending on your health problem. For instance, if you have a headache, you can press on your thumb to gain relief. The inside part of the upper thumb is equivalent to the side of your head. Meanwhile, the tips of your thumb, index, and middle fingers all correspond to your brain.

If you have sinusitis or anything related to your sinuses, you can work on the area by pressing on the upper part of your index finger. For tense shoulders, you can de-stress them by pressing on your pinkies. This is actually a little bit easier than most of the pressure points since the whole length of your pinkie corresponds to your shoulder.

It is important to note that the reflex points on the left hand relates to the left part of the body while the right palm points corresponds to the right side. With this in mind, it will be easier to locate the pressure points. If the left side of your head is experiencing throbbing pain, you can press on the thumb in your left hand.

There are also pressure points that correlate to some health conditions. For instance, if your health problem is that you have high blood pressure, pressing the area topmost line of your middle finger (left side, left hand) will help alleviate your blood pressure levels. The opposite area of the said part of the hand can help relieve low blood pressure problems.

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