Chemo Kills, Not Cancer – Doctor

Cancer is a terrifying disease and rightfully so. It has been among the top causes of death not only in the United States, but also for the rest of the world. While cancer is generally untreatable, there are ways to stop the disease from spreading and causing more harm to the body. One such treatment is chemotherapy, which is actually considered the most popular option these days.
But There is One Problem…

Some people may not be pleased to hear this, especially those who have had loved ones suffering and dying from this conventional treatment for cancer, but chemotherapy is said to not be effective – at all. In many cases, patients have to go through a lot of pain and distress in hopes that they will feel better. But oftentimes, this does not happen and they usually succumbed to chemo’s effects.

One professor from the University of California, Berkeley named Dr. Hardin B. Jones stated that he studied the cancer patients and their life spans. He compared those who were treated under chemotherapy and those who did not undergo the procedure. His observation was simple: chemotherapy DOES NOT work for the following reasons:

    Chemotherapy is poison and is therefore toxic to the bodies of the patients. This resulted to them dying horrifically.
    Those who underwent chemotherapy died earlier than those who did not even have a treatment.
    Cancer patients who did not undergo chemo lived 12 and a half years on average based on Dr. Jones’ research.
    Meanwhile, those who had chemotherapy only lived an average of three years.

While controversial, the doctor only aims to save lives.

Chemotherapy is Not for Breast Cancer Patients

For those who have breast cancer or those with loved ones suffering from this disease, one of the first options is to go through chemo. But Dr. Jones, based on his study which took more than 25 years of observing cancer patients, discovered that those who refuse to go through chemo live longer than those who do. In fact, cancer patients who reject chemo were able to live four times longer than those who choose to follow the conventional therapy system.

However, this type of information is not something anyone will hear about in mainstream media. Dr. Jones, along with other experts who are against chemotherapy for cancer patients, declared that injecting poison to the body is not the way to survive cancer. In short, chemotherapy is not a cure, but it is actually fatal.

Dr. Jones also stressed that it is not only chemotherapy, but also surgery and radiation therapy that can kill people. Remaining untreated can actually give a patient four times more years than those who decide to follow the system.

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